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External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are external.

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, it is not quite accurate. External hemorrhoids are not always located on the exterior of the anus.

The difference between internal and external hemorrhoids resides in their point of outgrowth. Internal piles develop above the pectinate (dentate) line, while external piles develop below the pectinate (dentate) line.

External Hemorrhoids photo pic1ExternalHemorrhoids_zpsbb79362d.jpg
External Hemorrhoids

The pectinate line is about 1cm from the anal opening.

This implies that, external haemorrhoids could very well be located inside the anal canal during the early stages of development. Most people suffer from a combination of both internal and external piles.

More often than not, you can see external piles at the realm of the anus with the help of a mirror. They are diagnosed by visual confirmation.

Symptoms of external Hemorrhoids photo pic2SymptomsofexternalHemorrhoids_zps11d9b1b5.jpg
Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids

Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids bleed, itch and hurt. Internal piles bleed but do not hurt.

Internal piles are not painful because they are located inside the rectum. The rectum is not served with nerve endings and pain receptors. The region beyond the anus, where external piles develop is richly served by nerve endings and pain receptors. This is why external piles hurt but internal piles don’t.

External hemorrhoids are painful photo pic3Externalhemorrhoidsarepainful_zpsde81ddd8.jpg
External Hemorrhoids are painfuls

If you notice excessive mucus or bright red blood on your tissue paper, it is time you investigated further. Excessive mucosal discharge is a frequent symptom of external piles.

The bleeding is hardly life-threatening and rarely degenerates to anemia.

Your external piles might become thrombosed from the onset. Haemorrhoids are way more painful, when thrombosed.

Thrombosis is the blockage of circulation photo pic4Thrombosisistheblockageofcirculation_zps789b48da.jpg
Thrombosed Hemorrhoids are more painful

Thrombosis occurs, when cells clot and block circulation in blood vessels.

Here is the relevant info that, I hope you take away from this section. You can easily diagnose external hemorrhoids by maneuvering a mirror about your rear. You’ll be able to see small peanut shaped outgrowths in your anal region.

You can compare what you see with the pictures in the slideshow to ascertain that you are indeed dealing with external piles.

Causes of External Hemorrhoids photo Pic5CausesofExternalHemorrhoids_zps6c3bbce8.jpg
Causes of External Hemorrhoids

Causes of External Hemorrhoids

The exact cause of external hemorrhoids is unknown. Nonetheless researchers have identified a number of factors which have a causative impact on haemorrhoids.

Irregular bowel conditions (constipation and diarrhea) top the list of suspected causes. You are constipating, when you have dry, hard and infrequent bowel movements, which are difficult to pass. Diarrhea is the polar opposite of constipation. Diarrhea outbreaks are characterized by watery and frequent bowel movements.

Shapewear Prevent Hemorrhoids photo pic6ShapewearPreventHemorrhoids_zps98ceab5f.jpg
Shapewear Prevents Hemorrhoids

Overstraining during bowel movements directly increase the pressure in the bowels. The best practice is to take a dump when, you feel like it. If the urge to take a dump evaporates when, you get to the toilet bowl; then, take a rain check.

Prolonged sitting and prolonged standing puts high pressure on the varicose veins. Avoid prolonged sitting and standing.

Shapewear Prevent Hemorrhoids photo pic7-ShapewearPreventHemorrhoids_zpsc22f281c.jpg
Shapewear Prevents Hemorrhoids

A low fiber diet slows down your metabolism and results in excessive water being absorbed from your stool. As a consequence, your stool will be dry, stony and difficult to pass. Fiber (insoluble roughage) does not only retain water but also makes your stool bulky and easy to pass.

While there is no clear scientific evidence that aging has a causative impact, there is definitely an associative relationship between age and haemorrhoids. People between 45 to 65 years old are more susceptible to haemorrhoids.

Genetics Hemorrhoids Christina Hendricks photo Pic8GeneticsHemorrhoidsChristinaHendricks_zps19ca20b9.jpg
Christina Hendricks - The Queen of Curves

Your DNA plays an important role in your vulnerability to haemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are not hereditary; however, children are more likely to have haemorrhoids, if their parents had it.

Lack of regular exercises tends to make people more vulnerable to piles.

Regular exercise keeps hemorrhoids away photo pic9Regularexercisekeepshemorrhoidsaway_zpsb87c931b.jpg
Regular Exercise keeps Hemorrhoids Away

Visualize those layers of slimy abdominal fat which, obese people carry around their belly! Those elephantine layers exert tons of pressure on their bowels. It thus comes with little surprise that, the rate of occurrence of haemorrhoids is more frequent among fat people.

Pregnant women are more vulnerable to haemorrhoids for two reasons.

During pregnancy, an incredible amount of the hormone oestrogen (estrogen) is produced. Estrogen relaxes the walls of veins. Hence, unusual pressures become more likely to cause the veins to swell.

Amber Rose - Halle Berry - Beyonce - Kim Kardashian - Angelina Jolie - Jennifer Lopez photo AmberRose-HalleBerry-Beyonce-KimKardashian-AngelinaJolie-JenniferLopez_zps4c81756e.png
Superior Gene Pool - Amber Rose - Halle Berry - Beyonce - Kim Kardashian - Angelina Jolie - Jennifer Lopez

During pregnancy, the developing fetus increasingly exerts more weight on the lower abdomen. This increase in intra-abdominal pressure can easily cause veins in the rectal and anal region to swell and inflame.

Chronic cough often sends high pressure shock waves, rippling throughout your respiratory system. Over time, this pressure causes abnormal dilations in the varicose veins which, sometimes lead to external piles.

Remedy for external hemorrhoids photo pic11Remedyforexternalhemorrhoids_zps6e9efb87.jpg
Remedy for external hemorrhoids

Remedy for External Hemorrhoids

If you are lucky, your hemorrhoids could go away without medication. Pregnant women often recover from haemorrhoids after delivery.

However, most people aren’t that lucky. In general, sitting around and hoping that you will naturally get well is a bad idea. Your condition could aggravate, rather than improve.

Start treatment ASAP photo Pic12ndashStarttreatmentASAP_zps4d19a2a8.jpg
Start treatment ASAP

Most people are embarrassed of haemorrhoids because it occurs in the anal region. It is sometimes inconceivably awkward to have a doctor shine a flashlight up your ass. The often unbearable unease causes some people to shy away from seeing a doctor.

Hesitating to see a doctor is one thing. But not taking action at all, puts you in the category of those, who are negligent with their health.

Hemorrhoids - cherish Your Health photo Pic13-Hemorrhoids-cherishYourHealth_zps10216978.jpg
Hemorrhoids - Cherish Your Health

There are a variety of effective over-the-counter remedies, which do not require you to see a doctor. Some remedies, such as venapro can even be ordered over the internet.

Venapro is a 100% organic home remedy. Your venapro system will be delivered in two bottles.

photo Hemorrhoidtreatment_zps43d4d53c.jpg

One bottle contains capsules to be swallowed. The other bottle contains a state-of-the-art aerosol to be sprayed twice under the tongue, thrice daily.

Both are 100% oral. There is not topical cream or ointment to be applied on the haemorrhoids. Venapro is the ultimate homeopathic game changer.

Doctors recommend venapro because it treats both the causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Safe Hemorrhoids Relief photo HemorrhoidsVenaprohorizontalbanner_zps44ffe824.gif

Order the advanced venapro system now and it will be immediately shipped out to you. In no time, your hemorrhoids will be relegated to the annals of history.

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